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Do the balloons arrive inflated?

All our balloons are sent out flat. Just take your balloon to your local party shop to have it filled with helium.

How long will my balloons float if filled with helium?

Your Rude Balloon will float for approximately 3-5 days and can be refilled.

How should I care for my balloon? 

Our balloons are a handmade product, so care should be taken when handling due to the fragile nature of balloons – No sharp objects, it will go BANG!

Also keep your Rude Balloon away from heat sources. Helium expands so foil balloons will pop if they get too hot.

Can the balloons be filled with air?

Yes, you can fill a Rude Balloon with air but it will not float!

What do I do if my balloon is faulty?

In the unlikely event, your rude balloon is faulty please notify us by email as soon as possible.

How long until I receive my balloon?

We offer various shipping options. Choose which option works best for you at checkout.